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Image of plastic end cap for e-track

Plastic End Caps for E-Track

Once you've installed your e-track, be sure to add plastic end caps to the horizontal tracks. The smooth black plastic creates a clean, finished look and not only prevents cargo, clothes, hands, and feet from catching on the metal ends, it also protects the metal e-track from abrasions.

image of e-track end cap

Plastic end caps for etrack can be used on the walls or floors, but they are designed to fit horizontal E-track only. To install, be sure to loosen the track slightly to ensure a good fit, add the end cap and then re-tighten the fasteners to secure.

Our E-track endcaps are designed to fit the following horizontal E-track:

2' Painted E-Track

2' Galvanized E-Track

5' Painted E-Track

5' Galvanized E-Track

8' Painted E-Track

8' Galvanized E-Track

10' Painted E-Track

10' Galvanized E-Track

Check out this installation video for more information:

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