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New Products:Drum Handling Equipment

New Products: Drum Handling Equipment

We've recently added a new category of drum handling equipment to our expanding line of lifting slings. A drum sling is an easy and efficient way to move a 55 gallon drum. Constructed of nylon webbing (either 1" or 2" wide), it can have either a harness design or hooks to hold the drum, while the top sling portion easily attaches to a forklift, crane, etc.

Vertical Drum Sling w/Harness

image of drum handling equipment from US Cargo Control

Vertical Drum Sling w/Barrel Hooks

image of drum handling equipment from US Cargo Control

Drum handler or drum lifters are additional terms used for this type of equipment, but those are generally manufactured in chain or metal. The benefit of nylon webbing over traditional 55 gallon drum handling equipment is its lightweight design makes it easy to use and easy to store when not in use.

Nylon also offers subtle stretch to conform to the load and added maneuverability. Web slings can also be extremely versatile, as the drum lifts with barrel hooks can be made with longer-length webbing and used in a horizontal configuration as well.

The design of the harness sling allows the operator to pour contents from a ribbed barrel. While drum slings and harnesses are most commonly found in manufacturing settings, these benefits also make nylon drum handling slings extremely useful on the farm, at the dock, warehouse, etc.

And because they’re custom-made to your specifications, we can create the best sling for your application. Each drum lifter sling is manufactured with an ID tag showing rated capacities to make it easy to follow safe lifting guidelines.

Not sure what size or style would work best? Give our sales team a call at 800-660-3585. they’ll be happy to help. To see our entire line of lifting slings, click over to our Lifting Slings & Rigging Slings page.

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