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Moving Dolly Strength Test

Heavy duty moving dollies by US Cargo Control are rated for 800 pound capacity. But we wondered what would happen if more than 3 times that weight was set on it. Would they hold up? Would the swivel wheels collapse or the wood frame snap? We set out to learn and document that process. The Weight: Transport Chain US Cargo Control stocks a large quantity of Grade 70 chain, so we took a pallet of 3/8" X 20' chain - weighing in 2,548 lbs - and set it on our sturdy little appliance dolly with rubber caps. As the video shows, the heavy duty appliance dolly held its own under the strain of 2.25 tons of chain. But how does it perform under normal use? The Weight: Moving Blankets US Cargo Control is known for stocking a large variety of moving pads, so next we chose a pallet of our popular black and white moving blanket bundles. The pallet tipped the scales at 790 pounds - ten pounds under the load rating for the furniture dolly. With this weight, the dolly performs as described, rolling easily across the concrete. For more information or to purchase product used in this video, click on the link below: Disclaimer: Moving dollies should NOT be overloaded. Overloaded or improperly loaded moving dollies can cause property damage and injury.
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