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Kits Make Motorcycle Tie Downs Easy

Kits Make Motorcycle Tie Downs Easy

US Cargo Control offers many different types of motorcycle tie down systems. Kits are available to make selecting and installing a custom securement solution simple. The kits contain all of the pieces you'll need to assemble a system that will allow you to transport your motorcycle safely.

Kits vary in complexity ranging from basic tie downs with L-track rails and fittings to a more robust tie down system that will secure two motorcycles to an 8 ft. trailer. Anchor point tie down kits are handy for those looking to install a securement system in a smaller space, like the back of a pickup truck. Anchor points can be installed really anywhere on the truck, allowing you to put them exactly where you need them.

Some kits include L-track rails. US Cargo Control L-track comes in a variety of colors that can be coordinated to match your truck, trailer or brand of motorcycle. Options include blue (Yamaha), green (Kawasaki), orange (Harley Davidson) and red (Honda).

The olive green also matches military and camouflage products. Standard black and classic aluminum are also available. The L-track product is finished with a powder coat that amps up the color and protects the underlying aluminum from scratches.

8' Motorcycle Tie Down System with Wheel Chock

Strap kits are sold as a supplemental option to complete some tie down system offerings. Options including a combo strap kit and a 4-pack of motorcycle ratchet straps. Motorcycle straps feature a 1'' rugged, polyester webbing that won't stretch, mold or mildew.

US Cargo Control kits can be customized. If you do not see a kit that fits your specific needs or would like help selecting a kit call 800-969-6543. A sales specialists will be happy to work with you and help you find exactly what you need.


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