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How to Choose a Recovery Strap

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April showers may bring May flowers, and they can also bring lots of mud! It’s a good time to make sure you have a good working recovery strap if you’ll be traveling or working on wet, muddy fields or roads.

While traditional recovery straps and tow straps are not designed to be used interchangeably, US Cargo Control straps can be used for both, due to a unique mix of design features.

Recovery strap features

  • Constructed of a rugged nylon webbing with a slight stretch so it can recover a stuck vehicle or tow a free-wheeling vehicle.
  • Sewn-in loops offer much more flexibility than traditional tow straps that have hooks attached.
  • Loops (also called eyes) are reinforced with CORDURA® fabric patches for an extra layer of protection at the points of wear.
  • Available in a range in widths from 2" to 12", with break strengths from 20,000 lbs. to 400,000+ lbs.
  • Our recovery straps are made in the USA, ensuring a guarantee of quality. 

How to connect a recovery strap

Screw pin anchor shackles are an easy way to connect and disconnect the strap to a vehicle for recovery applications. When choosing a shackle, be sure and take into consideration the working load limit (WLL) of the shackle and the strap- whichever is the lesser value will be the work load limit for the entire assembly.

You can see our full selection of recovery tow straps here: Recovery Straps & Tow Straps Choosing a strap can be confusing when trying to determine the strength that you need. Check out this video for a simple formula for determining the best strap for you needs.

You can also always call our sales team for help: 866-444-9990.

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