How to Choose a Moving Blanket

By Shopify API • 12.08.21
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With several varieties, fabrics and weights of moving blankets, choosing the right one can be a more complex process than you might think. We’ve created a short video to highlight the key qualities of each. Below you’ll also find a link to each style so you can easily find them on the moving supplies page. All moving blankets are available in single packs, 4-packs and dozen bundles; moving pads (also known as moving skins) are available in 6-packs and 24-packs. A final tip: moving blankets can also be extremely useful even after a move! Check out “Moving blankets: not just for moving anymore” for ideas on other uses for a moving blanket.
Supreme Moving Blanket
Moving blankets in our "Best" category: Supreme. A cotton/polyester blend fabric with woven binding for an ultra-heavy weight and excellent durability. Pro Mover. Microfiber fabric with cotton batting that’s thicker than typical moving blankets. Performance. Mid-weight yet high quality that works great for repeated use. Blankets in our "Better" category:
Mega Mover Moving Blanket
Mega Mover. Polyester fabric on both sides for durability, yet less expensive option than cotton/polyester blend blankets. Multi Mover. Great mid-level blanket that’s durable enough for repeated use. Camo. All the benefits of our better moving blankets but in a camo pattern that’s perfect for hunting, camping and other outdoor uses after the move. Blankets in our "Good" category:
Econo Deluxe Moving Blanket
Econo Deluxe. The top blanket in our “Good” series, in a mid-weight that’s idea for limited use. Econo Mover. An excellent value, with a mid-weight and inexpensive price. Econo Saver. Extremely economical, so it’s perfect for limited or one-time use. Moving Pads (also known as moving skins). Recycled cotton fabric with no binding is perfect for adding lightweight protection.
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