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image of boat lifting sling

How to Choose a Boat Sling

image of boat straps

It might not feel like spring in many parts of the country, but we’re more than ready for warm weather and fun on the water. If you’ll be in the market for a boat sling this summer, we just made it a little easier to find one.

We’ve updated our boat lift slings page with a simple form to request a quote for a custom boat sling. Whether you’re looking for a smaller sling for a canoe or kayak, etc., have a larger sailboat or fishing boat, or even need an industrial-strength boat sling like the one shown here, we can make one to fit your needs. You can see our new boat lifting slings quote request form on our page:

image of boat sling Chine sleeves.

Also sometimes called boat pads, these sliding pads can be moved to protect rub rails and boat chines when the boat is being lifted.

Keel pad.

This extra sleeve of webbing protects the sling from abrasions or cuts during a lift. Lead weights can also be sewn into the pad, so the sling will sink when it’s placed on the water.

Edge guard.

Wear-resistant material is applied to the sling’s edges as a way to extend the life of the sling.


Allows the sling to be removed from the boat without having to detach the boat sling from the lifting device. Knowing how to choose a boat lifting sling can be confusing, especially with so many options available.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our product specialists at 800-660-3585- they’ll be glad to help.

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