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Guest Post: Move For Hunger

Guest Post: Move For Hunger

Imagine a world where everyone has enough to eat - where families don't have to make a choice between feeding their children or paying their rent, all while perfectly good, consumable food fills up our landfills. This is the vision the team here at Move For Hunger shares with our partners such as US Cargo Control.


The issue of hunger is a growing one in America, but it's not always easy to see. In a country known for wealth and opportunity, 50 million Americans struggle to find their next meal, including 17 million children. What we find shocking is that while hunger is increasing, so is food waste.

According to the USDA, over 30% of food produced in the US will end up in a landfill. Let's do something about this together!

Move For Hunger is a non-profit hunger relief organization with a mission to eliminate food waste and deliver more food to those in need. Started by Founder and Executive Director Adam Lowy in 2009, Move For Hunger partners with moving companies across the country who collect nonperishable food items during the moving process and delivers them to local food banks.

Lowy, whose family has owned a moving company for over 90 years in New Jersey, developed the idea after noticing how much food would go to waste when people move. Five short years later, over 600 movers are now also a part of the solution that has already delivered over 4,000,000 meals to food banks all across America.


We celebrate as each new partner joins us in the fight against hunger because it means new opportunities to expand our hunger relief efforts. US Cargo is a wonderful example of a growing partnership. Having first worked with us as a sponsor of our fundraising truck pull event (they donated the much needed rope!), they were officially named a Signature Partner in January of this year.

It's easy to Get Involved!

Most of us know first-hand how much "stuff" gets wasted when you move. If you are moving or know someone that is, head over to and choose a moving company that is partnered with Move For Hunger.

Support a partner!

By supporting partnering organizations like US Cargo Control, you are choosing to work with a socially responsible business.

Hold an event!

Move For Hunger runs food drives and fundraising events throughout the country.


Over a $100 and we'll even send you an awesome t-shirt. truckpull_rope2

Always looking to grow and do more, the Move For Hunger team welcomes you to email us, call us, or if you are in NJ stop by and say hello! For more information about the cause, Move For Hunger’s mission, and how you can help visit -Written by the Move For Hunger team

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