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gear driving reverse action ratchet straps 2 x 30

Gear-Driving Reverse-Action Ratchet Straps

Reverse-action ratchet straps are now available for purchase through US Cargo Control. Designed to make load securement safer and easier, these straps contain an additional gear that allows you to tighten these straps without the risk of straining or injuring yourself from overtightening.

Read on to learn more about our gear-driving reverse-action ratchet straps, available for purchase!

What Are Reverse-Action Ratchet Straps?

2" gear driving reverse action ratchet straps with flat hook

Also known as pull-down straps or gear-driving reverse-action ratchet straps, these traps look very similar to other tie down options, including the same durable polyester webbing and high-strength end-fitting material. However, they operate differently due to the ratchets containing an additional gear that creates the reverse-action leverage for much easier operation.

Benefits of Reverse-Action Straps

Reverse-action ratchet straps provide a number of benefits compared to standard ratchet strap alternatives, including:

    • Ergonomic Design: The additional gear within the ratchet allows you to use your body weight to pull down on the ratchet handle, rather than pushing up against the force. This reduces strain and eliminates risk of injury to your back, neck, and shoulders caused by improper tightening. The ergonomic design also allows you to have better posture and form when tightening the strap, particularly when it is icy or snowy.

    • Reverse-Action Leverage: With less effort needed to tighten the reverse-action ratchet strap, users can get nearly twice as much tensioning power with equal or less force compared to standard straps, making the tightening process go much faster. The reverse-action ratchet also provides more gear clicks when tensioning the strap for better control and stability.

    • Quick Webbing Release: Lastly, each ratchet is constructed with a side knob that helps take-up or reduce the amount of webbing around the mandrel for quicker and easier webbing release.

Reverse-Action Ratchet Straps from US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control offers gear-driving reverse-action ratchet straps in both 2" and 4" width webbing options. Below shows the tie down strap options in further detail:




Working Load Limit (lbs.)

Break Strength (lbs.)

End Fitting






Flat Hook



20’, 30’



Flat Hook



20’, 30’



Wire Hook


Besides these options, US Cargo Control also configures custom tie downs catered to fit your specific needs. Simply fill out the request form and our team of manufacturing specialists can get your custom tie down assembled and shipped quickly to you.

flatbed trailer with tarps and reverse-action ratchet strap tie downs

Trucking & Transportation Products from US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control carries high-quality trucking and transportation products for all your cargo needs. Safely secure loads to your truck or trailer with ease to handle loads big and small. Our selection of tie down straps are manufactured with strong quality components by our assembly experts in our Iowa-based warehouse and shipped out across the country.

All US Cargo Control tie down straps are tested and tagged with their appropriate working load limits so that you can operate without worrying of strap failure. These straps also meet the regulatory requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as the recommended standards set by the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA).


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Email or call our team of product experts today at (866) 444-9990 for any questions you may have on our cargo control products.

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