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$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
Polypropylene trucking rope from US Cargo Control

What Is California Truck Rope?

Trucking rope: California truck rope from

Types of Truck Rope

Before understanding what exactly sets California truck rope apart, you need to know about the different types of industrial rope out there. Most rope can be broken into two categories: synthetic (manmade) fiber and natural fiber. These types are braided into different styles: braided, for extra durability, and twisted, for extra torque.

Natural Fiber Truck Rope

Customers choose natural fiber truck rope for a number of reasons. These fibers feel softer to the touch than other ropes and resist UV rays better than synthetic. However, they absorb water more and become prone to rot and water-logging. Natural fiber truck rope is best used when handling the rope directly, or handling it with your hands.

We offer both cotton and manila fiber truck rope as part of our natural truck rope product line. Each fiber comes in different lengths and styles:

Synthetic Fiber Truck Rope

In recent years, many people have gone with synthetic ropes because they are often more suited for the type of work and endurance necessary. Made to be durable and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and water, truckers buy this over natural fiber products.

We offer the following synthetic truck rope products:

Generally speaking, polypropylene is the least expensive of the synthetic ropes and is known for being very lightweight but still strong. This is an economic choice that serves the majority of people who find themselves in need of synthetic rope for some type of a job.

California truck rope is a very specific brand of polypropylene that offers the benefits nylon and polyester while keeping the inexpensive benefit of polypropylene.

What Makes California Truck Rope Different?

polypropylene California truck rope from

California truck rope is made specifically to pass the high expectations put forth by the California Highway Patrol Standards for tying down and hauling. This means that this specific type of polypropylene rope not only has the same benefits as other polypropylene strands like resistance to mold, rot, mildew, chemicals, and road salts – but California truck rope has one huge advantage over most other synthetics: it has an ultraviolet inhibitor to help resist the sun damage issues that so many synthetic ropes have.

The most apparent difference between regular polypropylene rope and California trucker rope is the color: the three strand twist design features black and orange so it's easy to differentiate from other synthetic ropes.

How Can I Use Trucker Rope?

California truck rope offers so many benefits, it's great for non-trucking uses as well. Available in multiple sizes from a mere ¼ inch in length to a solid 1 inch, it can be a good choice for water and snow ski rope, pool rope, general utility rope, and more- any task that requires lightweight strength, floating abilities, resistance to abrasions, UV rays, water, road salts, and chemicals.

U.S. Cargo Control offers the following California Truck Rope products for your needs:


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