Customer photos: Hot Shot Rig Equipment

By Christine Halvorsen • 12.08.21
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A huge thanks to our USCC customer Marc for all of these great pics he sends us of his Hot Shot Rig equipment from US Cargo Control. To see his very first post and comments with more pictures, click over to: Customer Photos: BlackLine Winch Straps.

4" ratchet straps from US Cargo Control; excellent for use as hot shot rig equipment Hot shot rig equipment: BlackLine winch straps 10867056_885115674852753_1912451914_n10863685_885115644852756_1991842926_n10814266_885115828186071_373155477_n10934729_904268796270774_1043901766_n10943423_904268816270772_1626792112_n10949794_907647902599530_1136192144_n10956081_910647535632900_375834884_n10965395_910647308966256_294351488_n10967019_910647472299573_325608876_n10967742_910647338966253_43029368_n10967933_910647385632915_2024725211_n marc2

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