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USCC coolest places to work

US Cargo Control Recognized as "Coolest Place to Work"

At US Cargo Control, we typically prefer to stay laser-focused on ensuring our customers stay successful by ensuring we get you what you want, when you need it. But we are pretty proud of the recognition we’ve recently received. Cody Smith of US Cargo Control

"Our values are unique because they don't just focus on work, they highlight how important it is to value our family lives as much as our work contributions."

- Cody Smith, Warehouse Manager Clickstop, the power behind US Cargo Control, was just named 2018's No. 1 "Coolest Place to Work" in the Eastern Iowa Corridor. Because US Cargo Control is comprised of the same employees as Clickstop, this award belongs to US Cargo Control just as much as it belongs to Clickstop. It’s a testament to our leadership, our dedicated staff, and the Core Values which direct us in our daily work. And it’s the fuel that drives us to continue working with steadfast dedication to our customers.
US Cargo Control Coolest Places to Work Because US Cargo Control is comprised of the same employees as Clickstop, this award belongs to US Cargo Control just as much as it belongs to Clickstop.

How is "Coolest Place to Work" Decided?

In 2013, the Corridor Business Journal (CBJ) unveiled a new way to recognize businesses for their culture. Throughout the Corridor, companies of all sizes compete for the prize of “Coolest Place to Work.” The contest identifies and honors Eastern Iowa companies that have created the most engaging and rewarding work environments. Winners are selected based on Worker Satisfaction Surveys and recognized within small (1-20 employees), medium (21-99 employees) and large (100 or more employees) businesses.

USCC & Clickstop named Coolest Place to Work in iowa

The consistency with which Clickstop (and US Cargo Control) has fared is unmatched. Clickstop has made the list each year, and for the second time, the honor of “Coolest Place to Work” is theirs.

What Makes US Cargo Control Cool?

US Cargo Control founder and CEO, Tim Guenther has made the message clear from the beginning, “We’re building a business that people care about.” He isn’t lying. Genuine dedication is apparent in each US Cargo Control employee. "We know we all have the best interest of the company and its customers in mind," said Phil Kramer, Finance Specialist at US Cargo Control. "We work as a team and put the "We" mentality over the "Me" mentality." This commitment to workplace excellence may be best explained by our Core Values. These six non-negotiable expectations are more than words on a conference room wall, they are embedded in everything we say and do at US Cargo Control. US Cargo Control win coolest places to work
  • Think Big & Make It Happen
  • Promote A Winning Team Spirit
  • Make Time For Fun & Family
  • Expect Greatness In Yourself & Inspire It In Others
  • Communicate Openly With Confidence & Respect
  • Be Adventurous Embrace & Drive Change
"Our core values set individuals up for success," one employee wrote in their survey. "They are the guiding principles."

What Drives You?

So, now that you know what drives each of us here at US Cargo Control, we want to know about you. What are your wants, needs, and challenges? Our dedicated teams are here to listen and deliver. Let's roll our sleeves up and get started on something cool together.
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