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Image of trailer cargo net

Cargo Nets for Trailers

Cargo nets for trailers makes securing cargo easy, safe, and quick.

  • One-piece design eliminates the need for multiple straps, ropes, or bungee cords. Built-in spring fittings for E-track (not included; sold separately) make attaching fast and secure.
  • The 41" x 80" size is generous enough to cover cargo but the low profile of the cargo nets industrial grade 2" polyester webbing makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • Adjusts from 92" to 103". Two methods of tightening are available for cargo nets from US Cargo Control: ratchets or cam buckles:
  • A cargo net with ratchets allow you to create maximum tension on the straps to keep the cargo net tight.
  • Cam buckles makes adjusting the net quicker, but do not provide as much tension as ratchets do since desired tightness is achieved only by your own strength of pulling the loop end.
  • Cam buckles are a good choice for more fragile or lightweight cargo to -avoid the risk of over tightening, while ratchets are ideal for durable and/or heavy items that require tension to keep secure.

Learn more about cargo nets from US Cargo Control.

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