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$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
$199 away from FREE SHIPPING

Cable Railing Systems

image of cable railing systems for decks

Cable rail is a new product we've added to the website in the past year. Our decision to start selling it came as a result of customers calling about it after seeing our regular wire rope category and wondering if they could use traditional wire rope as cable railing for their decks, porches and stairs.

Cable rail systems are also an excellent choice for industrial uses on stairwells, loading docks, platforms, etc. Ordering supplies for a cable rail system can be complicated, and choosing the right supplies will depend on your size requirements and end use.

We sell complete cable railing kits in diameters of 1/8", 3/16", and ¼" in stainless steel type 316 wire cable; type 316 stainless steel is also called marine grade stainless steel because of its ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments without rusting or corroding.

image of stair railing kits

The cable wire in our stainless steel cable railing kits are a 1x19 construction which is semi rigid and has minimal stretch. It can also be bent safely up to 45 degrees so it’s a good choice for most cable rail uses. We also offer a 7x7 configuration in a cable railing kit that’s better for more decorative applications that may require a greater bend than 45 degrees.

All of the wire cable in our kits can be either hand swaged or machine swaged.

Cable railing kit options include:

image of cable railing systesm

For more information on our stainless steel cable railing systems, visit our website page: Cable Railing Systems. There you can also download a guide and a catalog.

Our sales specialists are available at 888-794-0584 to answer any questions and to place your order. It’s also highly recommended that you research local building code requirements in your area before you begin purchasing products for your cable railing system.

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