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cooking meals in a truck

6 Types of Truck Driver Cooking Equipment That Will Make Your Life Easier

truck driver cooking equipment

Did you know there are several types of cooking equipment you can use when driving for the long haul?


When eating on the road, truckers have an unlimited amount of restaurants to eat. This may be an easy solution, but those places aren't always the healthiest or the most cost-effective when looking for balanced meals. Luckily, you have the choice to not live off of unhealthy snacks or fast food!


One thing you can do to avoid spending half of your paycheck is investing in truck-driving cooking equipment! Truckers can choose a variety of devices and appliances to cook fresh, hot meals right in their rigs. Read these few cooking pieces of equipment that every truck driver should consider investing in when driving on the road.




If you invest in a crockpot, this appliance will have the ability to make plenty of meals on the road! You can make stew, soups, barbeque, pork chops, and more. When looking for a crockpot, look for one that runs from the cigarette lighter or a regularly-powered slow cooker if you have outlets in your truck.


To hold it together while you are driving, make sure to buy one with a cord for the lid. As the cord hooks under the handle, this can keep the lid down.


Check out fun pork slow-cooker recipes that are perfect for any season!




Having a fridge can provide a ton of options, and is great for storing fresh or frozen food. Not only can it make your meat, vegetables, and fruit last longer, but you can even store your cold drinks! The perk? You don't have to continuously buy more drinks during truck stops and breaks.


The other perk about a mini-fridge? These fridges don't require much space in your truck.




Investing in a microwave will be a more heavily relied appliance, and can save you a lot of money. You can use a microwave to reheat food quickly that you cooked or bought, or heat up frozen food. Having a microwave can even provide you a quick lunch or dinner when you're in a hurry to get to the shipper.




Bet you didn't see that one coming. If you have the space for a blender, this can be a really unique appliance for you to have! This can step up the healthfulness of your road diet. You cut down prep time, and you have the ability to create smoothies or protein shakes.


Tip: With a freezer, you can prepackage and store smoothie ingredients.

 truck drivers eating food together

Portable Stove


When deciding whether to buy the microwave or a portable stove, you can't go wrong with either appliance. A portable stove can create many different types of delicious meals and bring food back to life. Also viewed as a lunchbox stove, you can use it to heat up leftovers, canned food, or cook frozen food.




Need a quick cup of joe when you wake up? Want a cup of hot chocolate before you go to sleep? Coffee or hot chocolate is not your cup of tea? With a Keurig, you can make coffee, hot chocolate, and tea! There are a variety of pods that you can grab at a grocery store or purchase online. Just turn on the machine, pop a pod in, press start, and your drink will be ready in seconds!


Cooking Equipment: Plan Ahead


With these appliances, you will have a lot of options for your meals. Whatever cooking equipment you decide to keep in your rig, you can create a plan for meals and snacks a few days before your trip. After going to the grocery store, you can pack your meals and package things to make the most out of your space. Cooking can keep you away from the drive-thru, save you money, and promote a healthier lifestyle.


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