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10 Great Uses for Seatbelt Webbing

10 Great Uses for Seatbelt Webbing

image of gray seatbelt webbing from us cargo control

When you hear about seatbelt webbing, you may get some great ideas for one or two uses, but are you really getting the most out of our high quality polyester webbing, or not?

Why keep this great material to just one or two uses when it can be used in so many different areas around your property?

Just take a look at the basic list of ten great uses for our seatbelt webbing, and let it give you ideas for the best ways you can use this excellent durable material.

#1 Custom tie downs Add any type of tie down hardware like ratchet buckles, hooks, S-hooks, etc., and you can create tie down straps custom-made for a variety of tie-down jobs: hauling motorcycles, securing a tarp on a boat, attaching gear to a 4-wheeler, etc. You can even use multiple straps to create a custom cargo net. Seat belt webbing is thinner than typical polyester webbing, so it's great for jobs where you need strength but in a thinner profile.

#2 Replace broken straps or handles Instead of throwing out broken bags, backpacks, golf bags, etc., just create new, stronger straps from our seatbelt webbing, right to the exact length you need. The polyester web is also easy to add to camera bags, guitars and more, to make them easier to carry or handle.

#3 Make custom length leashes for large dogs Not every dog is going to require the same type of leash, even among the same breeds. You can create a custom length dog leash for the family’s best four legged friend and make sure it’s just right for walker and walkee.

#4 Replace older seat belt web Our seatbelt webbing is an economically friendly alternative to many other types of webbing and straps used for the same exact purposes.

#5 Create “storage baskets” from rafters Need places to hang tool boxes from in the garage or hang baskets of miscellaneous stuff where it’s easy to grab, but not taking up counter space? Here you go!

#6 Add safety strap to open shelves Have some shelves proving a little too narrow for heavy boxes? Add safety straps across each shelf to keep all your stored things in place!

#7 Create storage space on open walls in a garage or shed If you have open wall studs in your garage, attach a length of seatbelt webbing across the wall, to allow for rakes, tools, etc. to be stacked and held in place between the stud. Also great for creating short straps to secure garbage cans to a wall, propping a door open on a barn, fastening around a tool box or other cargo during transit, and more!

#8 Repair lawn chairs or hammocks Sometimes also called lawn chair webbing, the durable, low-stretch polyester is ideal for fixing or reinforcing framed lawn chairs, even hammocks and other outdoor furniture.

#9 Use as lifting straps for heavy loads Lifting straps can be a great tool, as anyone who has ever worked on a farm and had to lift unwieldy bales of hay or bags of feed from one place to another. Use these to make the lifting easier on you and your workers!

#10 Secure tents The wide 2" width of polyester webbing is perfect for reinforcing straps on tents. And because the polyester resists water absorption, it won't rot or mildew like some all-natural ropes can.

Those are ten great reasons to go with our seatbelt webbing, which gives all the benefits of polyester webbing and often at a less expensive price.

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