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Wheel Straps

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    Wheel Strap With Etrack Fittings & 3 Rubber Blocks

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    Wheel straps are a popular choice amongst auto haulers, especially in situations where you need to transport a low-profile vehicle. These over the tire straps are designed to keep the tire strap close to the wheel for a secure fit. Some models include rubber blocks that securely fit into the treads of the tire to ensure the strap stays positioned within the threads.

    Wheel Strap Features and Options

    US Cargo Control offers wheel tie-downs straps featuring wire hooks or swivel j-hooks for anchoring to a flatbed or trailer, as well as E-track wheel straps with spring E-fittings that are compatible with E-track rails.

    Many configurations are available in both single and 4-pack options. For safety reasons, it is recommended to tie down all four tires when hauling your vehicle and our wheel strap 4-packs are a convenient and value-priced option.

    More Auto Tie-Down Options

    For even more auto and car tie-down options, check out our Wheel Nets and Tow Dolly Straps category page. There you’ll find our full selection of wheel nets, axle straps, tow dolly straps, tie-down hardware, and more.

    Need help deciding? If you are unsure which type of tire straps are right for your application, contact our team of product specialists. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your car hauling application.