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Van Beest Eye & Eye

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    1" Van Beest; Eye & Eye Galvanized Turnbuckle - G-6311

    Standard Lead Time 3-5 days.
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    Van Beest Green Pin® Eye & Eye turnbuckles are designed with eyes on both ends. Eyes are forged and elongated for easy assembly and more uniform stress distribution.

    Series G-6311 Green Pin® turnbuckles are suitable for lifting applications when used according to Van Beest"s official instructions for use. These hot dipped galvanized turnbuckles have a proof load equal to 2x WLL and MBL=5x WLL.

    The Green Pin® brand has earned a reputation as an industry leader in design and quality standards. Turnbuckles are drop forged high tensile steel SAE 1035 or 1045. They are compliant within a wide range of nationally- and internationally-recognized standards such as ASTM F1145-92 (formerly U.S. Federal Specification FF-T-791b). These turnbuckles are generally marked with WLL, manufacturer"s symbol, thread diameter, traceability code and thread.

    Upon request, Green Pin® turnbuckles can be supplied with a works certificate and a proof load test certificate.

    NOTE: Turnbuckles are intended for straight or in-line pulling only.

    During tensioning, make sure no deformity of this product occurs. In case of deformity, the tension should be decreased immediately and deformed parts should be replaced. Extreme circumstances or shock loading, if applicable, must be considered when choosing the correct products for your application. Green Pin® turnbuckles are recommended for the rigging of wires, ropes, rods etc. The Working Load Limit (WLL) should be applied in a straight pull only and overloading is not permitted. Side loads should not be applied.

    It is not permitted to adjust the length of the turnbuckle under full load. Tensioning below the WLL is permitted. It is recommended to first adjust the length of the turnbuckle and then load the turnbuckles to a certain tension. The tension should not exceed the WLL.

    We also sell Van Beest turnbuckles with the following end fittings: Jaw & Eye and Jaw & Jaw.

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