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Transport Chain

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Tie Down Chain 9/32" With Eye Grab Hooks - Grade 120
WLL 5,200 lbs.
BS 20,800 lbs.
Standard Lead Time 1-2 days.

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Tie Down Chain 3/8" With Eye Grab Hooks - Grade 120
WLL 10,600 lbs.
BS 42,400 lbs.
Standard Lead Time 1-2 days.

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Tie Down Chain 1/2" With Eye Grab Hooks - Grade 120
WLL 17,900 lbs.
BS 71,600 lbs.

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Tie Down Chain

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of transport chain to fit your needs. This chain, along with higher-grade truck tie down chain assemblies, is often used in conjunction with chain binders to secure loads for transport.

Standard Grade 70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 transport chain is the standard in binder chain. It can be easily identified by its gold or yellow chromate finish, which is recognized industry-wide as the color for Grade 70. This trucker's chain is most commonly used as a tie down on flatbed trailers, but is also used for towing, logging, safety, and oil rigging applications.

Bulk Grade 70 Flatbed Chains

Need a lot of chain? Many of our chain tie downs are sold in drum bulk quantities! Make sure you pick up the right chain binder and chain hook to go along with your new chain. 

Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 Tie Down Chain Assemblies

For higher working load limit requirements, you should consider our Grade 80, 100, or 120 trailer tie down chain options. Each offers superior strength and fatigue resistance over the traditional Grade 70.

It's important to know the grade of chain you are working with and its working load limits. Each chain assembly is marked with a grade number, size, and the manufacturer. Use our chain grade comparison chart to easily identify which chain would work best for your application.

We also sell our Grade 80, 100, and 120 chain in bulk:


If you need help deciding which chain grade is right for you, just call our product experts! Not only can they provide effective solutions using their years of knowledge and experience, they can also assist you with placing an order!

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