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Tow Dolly Straps

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    Tow Dolly Basket Strap with Twisted Snap Hooks

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    SKU: WNTH03

    Blue Extra Large Tow Dolly Basket Strap with Twisted Snap Hooks

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    Tow Dolly Basket Strap with Twisted Snap Hooks - 6,000 lb. BS

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    Tow Dolly Straps are designed to secure a vehicle to a tow dolly trailer for transit. Also known as basket straps, these tire tie-down straps fit around the wheel of the vehicle for a secure fit and are often adjustable to fit a range of tire sizes.

    Tow Dolly Wheel Strap Features

    US Cargo Control carries a variety of car dolly straps to fit a range of wheel sizes. Users can choose between different end fittings, including flat hooks and snap hooks, along with either single- or double-fitting designs.

    Our tow dolly basket straps are equipped with 12,000-lb. industrial grade polyester webbing and premium strength hardware. Each car tow dolly strap is made with 2" webbing for optimum strength and support of the tire.

    When buying tie-down straps for your tow dolly, be sure that the total working load limits of the straps equal or exceed the weight of the vehicles you are carrying.

    More Auto Tie-Down Options

    For even more auto and car tie-down options, check out our Wheel Nets and Tow Dolly Straps category page. There you’ll find our full selection of wheel nets, axle straps, tie-down hardware, and more.

    Questions? If you are unsure which type of tire straps are right for your application, contact our team of product specialists. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your car hauling application.