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    (25 pack) Wire Rope Thimble - Zinc Plated Standard Duty - 3/32''-1/8''

    SKU: ZPST18-25PK
    Our Standard Duty Thimbles, sometimes called Light Duty Thimbles, are zinc plated to meet or exceed Federal Specifications FF-T-276b, Type II. These wire rope thimbles are generally the standard for light duty rigging applications and are meant to extend the life of a wire rope.

    When a wire rope is terminated with a loop, a steel thimble is inserted in the eye to keep the rope from bending at too small of radius and damaging the rope. Thimble eyes also protect the wire rope from direct contact of other hardware and reducing wear and tear on the wire rope. Typically used for smaller diameters of rope, we also offer a full line of Hot Dipped Heavy Duty Thimbles and Stainless Steel Thimbles Type 304 and Type 316. Please visit our Thimbles home page for a full line of thimbles or our Rigging Supplies and Marine Hardware category for other rigging products. If you do not see the product you need, please feel free to contact our sales team and they will gladly assist you.
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