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Terrier FBK/TOBK

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    Terrier TOBK 2 Ton Vertical Beam Lifting Clamp - 851001

    Standard Lead Time 1-3 business days.
    For Horizontal Lifting of Steel (H) Beams

    SKU: TOBK-2T
    Terrier FBK lifting clamps are for vertical lifting, transporting, and stacking of steel beams. Their special lifting shackle shape places the beams center of gravity directly under the lifting shackle. Jaw opening reaches 0.59" and working load limits from 1 ton to 3 ton.

    The TOBK model is made for horizontal lifting, transporting, and stacking of beams. Its design makes it possible to lift beams on the flange or on the upper ends of the beam. Jaw opening reaches 0.79" with a 2 ton working load limit.
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