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Tarp Accessories

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    Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Blue Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement


    Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Red Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement


    Tarp Repair Kit: 2'x2' Black Tarp Patch and Vinyl Cement

    Our selection of tarp strap accessories includes clips, hooks, connectors, and repair kits to make the most of your tarp straps, bungees and tie downs.

    EasyKlip® Midi: Easy-to-use tarp clips are great for use on tarps, canopies, signs, etc.- wherever you need an instant fixed point. These grip clips ideal for securing the ends of your straps to prevent fraying. Although they"re designed to be tarp clamps, they"re great for a variety of other uses at home, work, the farm, camping, etc.

    Bungee hooks: Pair these PVC coated tie down hooks to the ends of a length of shock cord for your own custom length bungee cords. Also known as shock cord hooks, they"re available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" sizes.

    Bungee balls: Simple design quickly secures truck tarps, event tents, banners, and more. The ball and elasticized cord allows some movement which decreases the strain at the tie down point.

    Tarp repair kits: Patch and vinyl cement is available to repair black, blue, or red tarps.

    For additional tie down options, be sure and check our ratchet straps and tie downs page for a huge selection of ratchet straps, cam straps, endless straps, winch straps, van trailer tie down straps, motorcycle tie downs, tent straps and stakes, and more. Custom tie down straps built to your exact specifications are also always an option.

    Don"t see the bungee cord hooks, shock cord ends or other tarp accessories you need? Give us a call and let us help!