Straightpoint Loadlink Plus

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Straightpoint Loadlink Plus

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    Straightpoint 75 T Loadlink Plus Load Cell - LLP75T

    Standard Lead Time 14-21 business days.
    Starting at
    SKU: LLP-75-T

    Loadlink Plus is a powerful digital dynamometer tool that allows you to precisely weigh and dynamically monitor rigging setups to ensure safe and optimal tension levels. These load cells are made from high-quality hard anodized aerospace grade aluminum and, on average, 30% lighter than the closest competitor with the same safety rating. Unlike Wirelink Plus load cell, which relies on a wired cable for data output, and the Radiolink Plus, is self-indicating with a 1-inch LCD display screen right on the load cell itself. Enjoy the convenience of a push tare button, multiple display unit options (t/lbs/kg/kN), and audible overload alarm. You also have the option of connecting to the HHP Handheld Plus for more distant monitoring.

    This durable Loadlink dynamometer is commonly used in tandem lifting and lowering, overhead weighing, bollard pull testing, tug testing, cable tensioning, heavy lift projects, and single point mooring. 1-ton to 300-ton rated Loadlink Plus loads cells are available.

    Available individually or with corresponding Crosby shackles.

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