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Straightpoint Compound Plus
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Straightpoint Compound Plus


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    Straightpoint 300 T Compound Plus

    Standard Lead Time 14-21 days.
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    SKU: CP-300-T
    Compound Plus from Straightpoint is a powerful wireless load cell tool that allows you to precisely weigh and dynamically monitor rigging setups to ensure safe and optimal tension levels. It's the same great loadcell as the Radiolink Plus, but Compound Plus does not come with the SW-HHP handheld reader device (can be purchased separately). Compound Plus uses a powerful built-in antenna to wirelessly transmit load cell readings to INSIGHT load monitoring computer software (purchase separately) or the SW-HHP handheld device. We also offer a Bluetooth-only version of Compound Plus load cells. Bluetooth transmission works up to 328 feet away.

    Common applications for these Compound Plus tension load cells include tandem lifting and lowering, water bag load testing, overhead weighing, bollard pull testing, tug testing, breakbulk applications, heavy lift projects, offshore cranes, spreader beam load monitoring, measurement of vehicle towing loads, ship to ship transfers, and single point mooring. The Compound Plus is suitable for even the harshest of environments, as it allows the use of a separate internal sealed enclosure that provides the load cell's electronic components with IP67 or NEMA6 environmental protection. 1-ton to 500-ton rated Compound Plus loads cells are available.
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