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Captive Pin Long D Shackles -SS

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    Captive Pin Long D Shackle Stainless Steel

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    Long D-ring shackles forged in a type 316 stainless steel feature a proportionally longer length to offer a high strength to weight ratio.

    Because the screw pin can be quickly removed from the shackle body, it's excellent for applications requiring fast and/or repeated connecting and disconnecting. If you use a long D shackle in an application where you risk losing the pin, consider a captive pin long D shackle.

    The type 316 stainless steel contains the element molybdenum, offering increased resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in high chloride environments, such as marine and other wet or damp areas.

    Please note: The Work Load Limit (WLL) listed is the minimum limit, actual WLL may be higher. Actual appearance of product may vary from photo.