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Bolt Type Anchor Shackles - SS

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    Stainless Steel Bolt Type Anchor Shackle Type 316

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    Stainless Steel Bolt Pin Anchor Shackle - Drop Forged
    Standard Lead Time 1-3 days.

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    Bolt type shackles are excellent for permanent or long-term applications, or if there"s a risk of a load sliding on the shackle pin, causing it to rotate. The added safety measure from this design is the reason these shackles are also known in the industry as safety anchor shackles.

    Our stainless steel bolt type anchor shackles are forged in a Type 316 stainless steel that offers more protection against corrosion than those with a galvanized finish.

    As with every shackle, bolt type shackles have the size and working load limit permanently embossed for quick and easy identification.

    Not sure which bolt type anchor shackles are right for your application or need a custom order? Call to talk to one of our product experts.

    Please note: The Work Load Limit (WLL) listed is the minimum limit, actual WLL may be higher. Actual appearance of product may vary from photo.