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Side Mount Wheel Nets

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    Side Mount Wheel Net W/ Cam Buckle & 2 Ratchets and Chain Extensions


    Side Mount Wheel Net with Cam Buckle & 2 Ratchets and Flat Hooks


    Side Mount Wheel Net With Ratchet And Chain Extension

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    Side Mount Wheel Net With Ratchet And Flat Hook

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    Lasso Strap 2" x 10' with O Ring

    SKU: 210RR
    Our side mount auto tie-downs safely secure your vehicle’s wheels to flatbed trailers and other towing systems. Side mount wheel straps are an easy-to-use solution to secure your vehicle for transport.

    All our side mount wheel tie-down straps are made with industrial-grade polyester webbing for maximum hauling strength and durability. The tough webbing secures your vehicle with limited bounce and is abrasion- and shrink-resistant.

    Dual Strap Side Mount Wheel Nets

    This versatile side mount wheel net is designed to wrap around your tire and comes with a top loop cam buckle to adjust for use on small and large tires. Two straps and ratchets offer double the security when attaching to a flatbed or trailer. Choose from chain extensions or flat hook ends to accommodate the tie-down option you need.

    Single Strap Side Mount Wheel Nets

    Our easy-to-use side mount car tie-downs, or Y straps, feature a lasso-style loop over your vehicle tire that tightens down utilizing a nonslip ratchet. Like our double strap assemblies, we offer either an integrated chain extension or flat hook end to attach to a trailer for transport.

    More Auto Tie-Down Options

    For even more auto and car tie-down options, check out our Wheel Nets and Tow Dolly Straps category page. There you’ll find our full selection of wheel nets, axle straps, tow dolly straps, tie-down hardware, and more.

    Need help deciding? If you are unsure which type of tire straps are right for your application, contact our team of product specialists. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your car hauling application.
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