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Scaffold & Debris Netting

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    Roc-Bloc 2K Debris Net with WS70 1/8" Debris Liner

    Standard Lead Time 7-10 days.
    Starting at
    SKU: ROCBLOC2K-2025

    WS70 1/8" Debris Net with Border and Grommets

    Standard Lead Time 7-10 days.
    Starting at
    SKU: WS70-3040

    Construction nets create a measure of protection for both workers and individuals around the building site, as well as for properties around the work site. Safety netting can include both scaffolding sun/wind block and vertical debris netting to create a system that not only reduces the risk for accidents, but also improves productivity and reduces downtime from clean up.

    Scaffold and debris netting also provides compliance with federal and state regulations and promotes loss prevention strategies that can lower your insurance. The system complies with OSHA nets regulations and meets CPAI-84, Section 6, Tent Walls and Tops.

    Our safety net solutions from InCord Nets are made in the USA in a durable, fire-retardant construction in a range of possible fabrications, including knit polyester, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC-coated polyester, or knit polyethylene, and can be custom-made to your specifications.

    Call our team of dedicated safety nets sales professionals for more information or for a customized quote today

    RocBloc 2K ™

    Excellent for small or light debris containment, with various mesh sizes and strengths available to meet specific job requirements. Durable and reusable; design load rating of 2000 lbs.

    RocBloc 5K ™

    Web-bordered panel with a load-bearing structural net and a small particle debris liner. Design load rating of 5000 lbs.


    Fine mesh construction available in either a strong high density polyethylene (HDPE) or a more flexible polypropylene (PP). Custom made to your specs In black, white or green.


    Lightweight knit polyester has a 3/8" mesh size to entrap small debris. Custom made to any size you need. In your choice of white or black.

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