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Polyester Cargo Webbing

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    1" Polyester Webbing

    Purchase by Linear Foot or 300' Rolls
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    SKU: NS-WEB14500BLK-LF

    Strong, yet lightweight, polyester webbing is ideal for a variety of applications. The fabrication allows for very little stretch, and resists abrasions, as well as damage from UV rays and most common chemicals. Because it absorbs very little water, it prevents mold, mildew, and rotting, even after being exposed to the elements over time. The limited water absorption also prevents shrinkage.

    Our polyester cargo webbing is available in 300' bulk webbing rolls or per foot quantities. Questions? Call our expert sales team. They can provide answers, and can also offer custom pricing on bulk quantities.

    Benefits and uses of polyester webbing
    Durable and versatile, polyester cargo webbing is extremely strong, yet lightweight. Its resistance against abrasion and UV rays, and limited water absorption makes it ideal for uses that require a lightweight strength against heavy loads or pressure, such as for tie-downs, tie straps, cargo straps, E-track straps, tow straps, winch straps, and ratchet webbing straps to name a few.

    Polyester webbing is sometimes called webbing ratchet because it can be used with a variety of hardware like ratchets and cam buckles, flat hooks and e-track to create customized tie-down and cargo straps. Its combination of strength, low stretch ability and abrasion resistance also makes it ideal for lifting and hoisting items as well as some towing applications. Polyester webbing straps are resistant against mold, mildew, rotting and shrinking, making it a long-lasting and economical choice, especially for outdoor uses.

    Polyester web vs. nylon web
    Because nylon cargo webbing can look very much like polyester webbing, knowing which to use for specific applications can be confusing.

    In many cases, polyester straps are safer and more efficient than heavy duty nylon webbing, especially when dealing with heavy loads or pressure. For example, under a 2500 lb. load, a polyester strap stretches approximately 5 to 15%, while a heavy duty nylon strap stretches between 20 to 30%.

    If your job calls for a more stretchable fabric, US Cargo Control also carries nylon webbing ratchet strapping in a variety of sizes. Unlike poly webbing, nylon will stretch significantly more than polyester. This snap back quality makes it a better choice for jobs where a snatch effect is needed, such as in vehicle recovery. Using a stretchy nylon strap as tie down webbing can cause damage because the nylon lacks the tension needed to keep the item secure.

    Seatbelt webbing is another option if you need a polyester cargo web but for a more lightweight application. These webbing straps offer the durability of polyester but with a slightly thinner profile and lower break strength.

    Widths, lengths and colors available
    Our heavy duty polyester webbing comes in bulk rolls of 300", in webbing by the foot. Widths include 1", 2", 3", and 4". While length is not an issue in terms of break strength, width can make a difference: the wider the strap, the higher the break strength.

    Tensile strength of a strap is the maximum amount of stress the fabric can take before failure or breaking. This means a polyester webing roll with a 3.5K indication can hold 3,500 lbs. before the fabric will begin to stress. We"ve listed the polyester web tensile strength for each of our straps in the product description, so you can choose the appropriate-sized strap for the job.

    We also offer one of the best selections of color and sizes on the market today. All of our colored webbing polyester is pigment dyed to ensure color fastness and long-lasting color (camo pattern is sublimated due to the varying shades of color).

    We offer over 50 color and size combinations, but if you still don"t find what you need let us know- custom-made straps are always an option.

    Customer service is our #1 priority
    US Cargo Control is one of the most trusted polyester webbing suppliers in the marketplace today. If you have any questions about the uses, strengths, size, etc. of our polyester cargo web, call us today to speak to one of our product specialists. They"ll be happy to help you with product information or with placing your order.
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