Plasma® Rope
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Plasma® Rope

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1" Plasma® Rope - 12 Strand - Lineal Foot
Standard Lead Time 2-4 days.


Plasma® (UHMWPE) Rope

Plasma® rope or UHMWPE is a high-strength synthetic rope used for lifting, rigging, and more. This type of rope is great for water-based applications because it is buoyant and water-resistant. It is also used in almost any application where wire rope can be used because it offers an equal strength to wire rope size for size, but it is more lightweight than wire rope.

Call our Plasma rope experts if you have questions.

How Plasma Rope is Constructed

Plasma rope is also known as UHMWPE rope. This rope is domestic-made, so it is 100% made in the USA. Learn more about how this synthetic rope is constructed here.

What is UHMWPE Rope?

UHMWPE stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Plasma synthetic rope is UHMWPE rope or High Modulus Polyethylene that has been enhanced by a recrystallization process. This Cortland signature recrystallization makes this synthetic rope stronger by putting the rope through a heated, fluid-filled, pressurized vessel. This increases the strength of the fibers in the strand of rope to give it more capability. The rope then gets a polyurethane finish to improve its resistance to UV rays, water, and more.

How Strong is Plasma Rope?

The exact working load limit (WLL) of your Plasma rope depends on the diameter and length of your rope, but Plasma rope is an extremely strong synthetic rope. It is the same or greater in strength size for size with wire rope at a fraction of the weight.

We offer you two types of Plasma rope construction. You can get Plasma 12-strand or Plasma 12x12. Check out the differences between these options below.

Types of Plasma Rope: Plasma 12 Strand vs. Plasma 12x12

All of our Plasma ropes and slings go through a recrystallization process to make them stronger and more capable for you. However, we have two main types of Plasma rope that have a slightly different construction.

Plasma 12 Strand – Plasma 12 strand is High Modulus Polyethylene that goes through a recrystallization process to increase its strength. This rope is an extremely strong and flexible synthetic rope.

Plasma 12x12 – A Plasma 12x12 rope is constructed with Plasma 12 strand rope. Twelve strands of the 12 strand rope are braided together to give you this larger and stronger version of a rope. This rope is more heavy-duty, and it is a firmer and rounder rope. It has great stability and internal abrasion resistance. Plasma 12x12 is a larger rope that can provide you with long lay lengths and a flexible design that can be used in applications that require bending of the rope.

Advantages of Plasma Rope Over Wire Rope

Above, we have compared Plasma rope to wire rope. This is because these two types of rope are used in similar applications. Plasma rope is more expensive than wire rope, but it offers a lot of advantages over wire rope. Check out some of these below.

  • Strong and Lightweight – Plasma or UHMWPE rope offers you equal or greater strength than wire rope, but it can be seven times lighter than wire rope. The lightweight nature of UHMWPE makes it easier to handle and use on the job.
  • Easy to Splice – Plasma rope is easy to splice, and splicing can be done with minimal training and equipment right in the field. It can be spliced using a simple lockstitch splice or a 4-3-2 Tuck splice.
  • Safer and Lower Risk of Recoil – Safety is another advantage Plasma has over wire rope. Plasma is safer to handle with no risk of broken wires, and there is a lower risk of recoil. When wire rope breaks the strands can be very dangerous, but Plasma rope does not have this issue, and it is much easier to see if Plasma is worn or in need of replacement.
  • Flexible – This type of rope is also very flexible. It has excellent bending flex fatigue and can easily conform to surfaces.

At USCC, we carry both wire rope and Plasma rope. We know that both can help you get the job done, and the one you choose depends on your needs and your application.

Plasma Rope Uses and Applications

As discussed above, Plasma rope has a lot of advantages over wire rope. This is why Plasma rope is used as a replacement for wire rope in many cases. Plasma rope offers you an equally strong but more lightweight and flexible option to wire rope. This UHMWPE rope can replace wire rope in most applications.

Other uses for Plasma rope include applications involving water because of the water-resistance and buoyancy of this synthetic rope; Plasma rope can be used as a vessel mooring line or a barge line. This rope can also be made into a lifting sling, and it can be used as a winch line.

We offer you Plasma 12 strand rope by the food or in a full spool. We also offer you 12x12 strand rope by the foot or in a full spool. If you have questions about how Plasma rope can help with your application or which type of Plasma rope is right for you, reach out to our customer service team today.

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