Over 80,000 lbs.

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Over 80,000 lbs.

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    2-1/2" Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle - Import - 55 Ton

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    SKU: SPAS2-12

    Heavy Equipment Recovery Straps

    These snatch straps are best suited for extracting extremely heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery - if the object weighs more than 80,000 lbs., these straps can handle the pressure.

    Machinery Recovery Strap Usage

    Recovery straps are used to recover stuck vehicles from mud, gravel, snow, etc.

    Made from nylon with reinforced eyes, they are designed to stretch during the recovery process. This lessens the force applied to both the recovery vehicle and the stuck vehicle.

    The reinforced eyes resist wear and tear, extending the strap's working life.

    What is Minimum Recovery Capacity?

    Minimum capacity required is used to help you figure out the working load limit you need. You can find this information using a simple formula:

    Stuck Vehicle Weight + Additional Rolling Resistance + Gradient Resistance

    It adds the resistance you might encounter from the slope and terrain to the vehicle's weight. For example, extracting a combine from wheel deep mud on a 45° slope will offer more resistance than if it were stuck on a 15° grassy slope

    Learn more about the formula on our How To Extract a Stuck Vehicle page.

    If you need help calculating your minimum capacity required or have any other questions, call our recovery strap experts for assistance.

    Equipment Recovery Strap Screw Pin Shackles

    Don't forget to include the compatible shackle with your recovery strap purchase!

    Custom Recovery Straps


    Looking for a machinery recovery strap option that's not on our website? Fill out our custom recovery strap form - choose from multiple lengths, widths, and plies to create the perfect strap for your application.

    You can also call one of our product specialists today! They can answer questions and even help you place an order!

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