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Open & Closed Spelter Socket Slings

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    1-3/8" Open and Closed Spelter Socket Sling

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    You can use a spelter socket sling in applications such as guylines, lifting bridles, raising lines, and more. These sockets are fitted to the end of wire ropes to help with static applications, as well as lifting applications.

    A spelter socket is also known as a poured socket because molten zinc is poured into the socket to attach it to the wire rope sling. Once this molten zinc hardens, you have a 100% efficiency of rope breaking strength. This gives you the ability to perform heavy-duty lifts with ease and efficiency.

    This specific spelter socket sling gives you an open socket on one end and a closed socket on the other end. The open socket has a pin that allows you to attach another fitting to the end. The closed socket has a hole to attach a pin or bolt, but these socket slings can be purchased in multiple configurations to fit your needs.

    You can get a working load limit ranging from 0.68 to 22.8 tons with this spelter socket sling. The working load limit depends on the length and diameter of this socket sling, but you can purchase a sling that fits exactly with your lifting and rigging needs.

    Wondering what type of socket sling is the best for your next project? You can purchase open and closed spelter socket slings, as well as open and closed swage socket slings. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales staff with questions on the right socket sling for your next rigging or lifting application.