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Furniture Pads for Moving

Moving blankets and moving pads are an essential tool for any move. They prevent damage such as scuffs, scrapes, dents, and abrasions by wrapping valuables with a thick protective covering during transport. They are also ideal for items placed in short-term or long-term storage.

What Kind of Moving Blanket Do You Need?

There are a lot of moving blanket styles available - from reusable options perfect for professional movers to economy options for the individual looking to move one piece of furniture around their house.

To make it easier for you to find the best fit for your application, we've broken them down into several clear categories - for the Good, Better, Best blankets, look for the corresponding badge on the product image.

Our quick guide is below – for more detailed information, check out our Moving Blanket Video Library / FAQ.

Best Moving Blankets

Heavy-duty, durable, and reusable - machine-washable with good snag- and tear-resistance

Our Best blankets are manufactured using cotton/polyester blends and offer the ultimate protection and durability. The cotton fiber blend provides a softer touch and its thickness provides superior padding that “hugs” the item to provide better security than polyester alone. The woven binding allows these blankets to be washed if they become soiled. We recommend using these premium quality blankets for the most precious cargo, such as antiques, heirlooms, or high-value items.

Better Movers Blankets

Medium-quality and reusable - non-machine-washable with some tear-resistance

The Better category of utility blankets are made from a combination of non-woven or woven polyester fibers. Woven polyester is formed from long poly fibers that are woven (intertwined) with each other to form a much stronger fabric that provides a very durable, tear-resistant moving blanket.

Good Packing Blankets

Economy limited-use option - non-machine-washable with limited tear resistance

Good shipping blankets are made of non-woven polyester. Non-woven polyester is formed of long synthetic fibers that are NOT woven or knitted together, but rather are bonded together by pressure, heat, chemical, or solvent processes. They are the least resistant to snags and tears.

Moving Skin

Perfect for packing or single-use applications

A moving skin is recycled cotton without an outer shell layer. The non-quilted construction makes them lightweight and best for limited-use situations.

Grommeted Sound Blanket

Highest level of protection/padding; thick construction helps to block out unwanted noise

Sound blankets are one step above our Best pads and are considered a heavy duty moving blankets, offering the highest level of protection and padding available. Their thick construction and straight stitching makes them popular for use in soundproofing - either in sound/recording studio functions, or to block out unwanted noise. These moving blankets even have grommets for easy hanging!

High Quality Moving Blankets

Commonly constructed from durable fabric wrapped around an inside batting, moving blankets provide a layer of soft protection that can be secured with big rubber bands, ratchet straps, stretch wrap, or other types of tie downs.

Moving blanket quality is determined by three main factors: fabric, weight, and binding material.


Non-woven polyester, woven polyester and cotton/poly blends are the three most common types of moving blanket fabric.

Higher quality furniture pads use woven fabric, while the more economical options use non-woven quilted. Woven fabric - made from polyester, polyester/cotton mix, or even 100% cotton for maximum protection - is softer, more durable, and offers the best "feel" for the most precious cargo. It’s also typically washable, so you can use it more than once!

Non-woven quilted fabric is great for warehouse pads, storage blankets, and occasional moves.


The heavier the moving blanket, the higher quality it tends to be, since better fabrics generally increase the overall weight. Additionally, some pads are constructed using a thicker batting and/or heavier material to make them more effective against shocks and bumps.

Keep in mind that, since moving blankets are typically sold in bundles, you will need to do some math to figure out the individual weight. For example, a pack advertised at "75 pounds per dozen" would mean that each blanket weighs 6.25 pounds.

Binding Material

The binding material is the fabric used to finish the edges of a moving blanket. Binding can be made from woven or non-woven fabric and prevents the edges from fraying, thus increasing the life expectancy. Higher-end blankets are typically manufactured with woven polyester binding; mid-range options have non-woven binding in polyester or some other synthetic fabric; moving skins have no binding as they are simply filler fabric with no outside cover.

Moving Blanket Use

While many people search for cheap moving pads, it’s important to consider what you’ll be protecting with the blankets, as well as whether you plan to reuse them. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to spend money on high quality moving blankets if the items you are moving or storing are high in value.

And even if you don’t have plans to move anything again soon, our Best and Better blankets can be used for other purposes: to line a pet crate, back seat, or cargo area of a vehicle, or as rugged cover at a sporting event, hunting trip, camping trip, etc. Check out Moving Blankets - Not Just for Moving Anymore for some great ideas from our customers.

Custom Moving Blankets

Looking for branded moving pads for your business? We can help! Check out our guide to custom blankets, then give us a call!

Additional Moving Supplies

Moving blankets usually provide better results when used in conjunction with ratchet straps, stretch wrap, moving straps, mover bands, or other types of reusable tie downs as opposed to tape. They provide a much better hold on large objects and won’t leave a sticky residue.

Quilted covers are another option for covering furniture. Like a moving blanket, they are a thick layer of material with batting, but are manufactured in a shape to fit a specific piece of furniture. Our category of quilted furniture protectors and covers includes covers for a chair, love seat, sofa, refrigerator, and washer/dryer/range. We also carry mover dollies and hand truck dollies to make transporting the furniture more efficient.

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Moving Blanket Questions? We Can Help!

Not sure what moving pad would be best for your job? Give us a call. Whether you need moving blankets for soundproofing, padding, or your moving company, our product specialists are always glad to help. A member of our team can walk you through suggested uses, options, and quantity choices, as well as offer advice on the best moving pads for your needs.

Most blankets are available individually and in packs. Bulk quantity discounts may also be an option - just ask!