5/16" Transport Chain, Binders and Fittings


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5/16" Transport Chain, Binders and Fittings

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    SKU: CGH51670-LATCH

    In our 5/16" size option, we offer a variety of transport chain, chain binders, and tie down hooks to meet your specific needs. Don"t see what you"re looking for? Give our product experts a call with any product questions or help placing an order.

    Transport Chain

    Our tie down chain assemblies are available in pre-cut lengths equipped with a grab hook on each end. Buying in bulk? We offer a full drum option providing 550 feet of transport chain. Custom lengths are available by special order.

    Chain Binders

    We offer chain binders in two styles "" ratchet binders and lever binders. Chain binders can generally accept a range of chain diameters, so it"s important to pay close attention to the working load limit of both the binder and the chain. While a lower-grade chain binder may work with a higher-grade chain, it will reduce the overall working load limit of the entire assembly. Remember that a tie down assembly is only as strong as its weakest link.

    Transport Chain Hooks

    With a variety of options based on specific use needs, the most common types of hooks include:

    • Clevis Grab Hook "" The clevis grab hook is very common on transport chain ends. It features a shallow throat opening, allowing for easy and secure connections.
    • Clevis Grab Hook with Latch "" This chain hook features a special latch to prevent chain from releasing and/or re-hooking when removing.
    • Clevis Slip Hook "" Also known as a sling hook, this durable chain hook features a wider throat than clevis grab hooks.
    • Clevis Slip Hook with Latch "" A wider throat than a clevis grab hook makes it easy to quickly secure, and the added safety latch ensures it"s held in place.

    Our product experts are here to help! Give our team a call with any product questions or help placing an order.

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