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Lumber Tarps

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    Lightweight Lumber Tarp - 20' x 20' (6' Drop & Flap) - 14 oz. Black Tarp


    Lightweight Lumber Tarp - 20' x 28' (6' Drop & Flap) - 14 oz. Black Tarp


    Lightweight Lumber Tarp - 24' x 20' (8' Drop & Flap) - 14 oz. Black Tarp


    Lightweight Lumber Tarp - 24' x 28' (8' Drop & Flap) - 14 oz. Black Tarp

    A flatbed lumber tarp is intended for specialized lumber hauling, but can actually be used as an all-purpose cover to protect a variety of loads like hay, pallets, and other bulky cargo. Our water-resistant lumber tarps offer superior strength and durability against wind, rain, snow, and sun, and have an end flap for sealing the corners so you can be confident your shipment arrives at its destination undamaged.

    Roughly two flatbed lumber tarps are needed to go across the entire surface of a load on a standard 48" or 53" flatbed trailer. We offer several sizes. The sides and tail flap are fitted with grommets and either two or three rows of oversized D-rings running the length of the tarp for tying down to the trailer.

    Each heavy duty lumber tarp is made of 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester, while lightweight lumber tarps are available for easier physical handling and portability. Combo lumber tarps use the same 18 oz. material as our heavy duty lumber tarps on the top section and tail flap areas most susceptible to high levels of stress - while 14 oz. fabric for the side panels still sheds water but drops some weight. Lightweight models are constructed entirely of 14 oz. fabric. These 14 oz. lumber tarps deliver even more weight savings and are easier to handle. In addition, we carry three-piece versions; two lumber tarps and one steel tarp make up the ends and middle, respectively, splitting the weight over three separate sections.

    Minimizing the abrasion of the tarp against the load will help extend its life. Tightly secure the tarp with plenty of rubber tarp straps and rubber rope, along with other tie down equipment to limit damage from whipping in the wind. Also, pad sharp edges of the load with corner protectors or moving blankets. Don't delay in fixing cuts and holes. On-the-spot tarp repair kits can keep minor damage from becoming a larger problem, saving you valuable time and money.

    Check out other flatbed accessories such as winch straps, winches, and winch bars.

    We sell heavy-duty tarps in various style, size, and color combinations to accommodate a wide range of flatbed trucking, including steel, machinery, coil, smoke/nose, and roll/dump truck options. Flatbed starter kits are available for transporting lumber, steel, or both. Priced for extra value, each has necessary tarps and supplies conveniently packaged for new drivers and growing companies.

    Questions? Need a custom size, style, or color? Call our sales team toll free.