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End Sleeve Ice Clips

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    End Sleeve Ice Clip 1/4"

    SKU: ESIC14

    End sleeves are used to secure the ends of a Big Grip Dead End when used with conjunction in Extra High Strength (EHS) Guy Strand. Also known as ice clips, the sleeve design of this guy wire clamp keeps the tail ends of Big Grip Dead Ends from unravelling after installation. They"re most commonly used on communications, transmissions, antenna, and other applications on guyed structures.

    Our End Sleeve Ice Clips are available in sizes from 3/16" to 7/8". If you need a different size or style, let us know and we"ll try our best to find it. We carry an entire category of guy wire products.

    Our team of product experts is always happy to answer questions about ice clips, guy wire specifications, uses, bulk quantity options, etc. Give us a call .

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