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D-Ring Tie Down Anchors

D-rings are an essential component of many trailer tie down systems, allowing you to customize your setup by placing attachments exactly where you need them. While they are most commonly used as anchor points for your tie down straps, D-rings have many applications in securing cargo and vehicles for storage or transport. 

They are also ideal for increasing load efficiency - if you commonly move the same type of cargo, adding permanent D-rings to your trailer can simplify the setup process.

What is a D-Ring?

A D-ring is a piece of hardware, generally shaped like the letter D, that is typically secured either to a D-ring strap, a track system, or the surface of a truck or trailer. Once attached, these trailer tie down rings act as anchors in your load securement setup. They are compatible with most ratchet strap end hardware, including S hooks, snap hooks, grab hooks, and more.

How to Choose a D-Ring

Choosing the right trailer D-rings for your application depends on how you use your trailer:

  • Recessed truck tie down rings won't get in the way of rolling cargo on and off your trailer
  • Rotating anchor rings let you work from multiple angles to fit a variety of cargo
  • Surface-mount D-hooks are great for lightweight cargo and vehicles - easy access to the folding D-rings make quick work of loading and unloading

Popular Materials for Trailer Tie Down Anchors

Two of the most common construction materials are stainless steel and forged steel. Steel offers the strength and durability needed to hold even large and heavy cargo.

  • Stainless Steel: Choose from multiple surface treatment options, including hot dip galvanized steel and zinc-plated for extra protection. Stainless steel D-rings with clips are preferable for heavy loads.
  • Forged Steel: Heavy-duty unfinished forged steel allows it to be welded in place rather than bolted on.

Styles of D-Rings for Trailers

These anchor tie downs come in a variety of styles, each with its own set of advantages.

Flush Mount D-Rings

Ideal for applications where you will be transporting motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other lightweight vehicles requiring multiple anchors.

The rings are stainless steel and are mounted with plastic, zinc, or steel pan fittings. Since they are flush mount, the flat part of the fitting is designed to fit flush against the surface.

Recessed D-Ring Fittings

If your truck tie down anchors aren't in use 100% of the time, recessed trailer D-rings allow you to embed the fittings below the surface of your trailer walls or truck bed so they're out of the way when not needed.

In order to install these, you will need to create a hole in the floor or wall of your trailer.

Rotating Pan Fitting D-Ring

This style gives you 360 degrees of flexibility for your cargo anchor points. The fitting is also recessed, so you can fold it out of the way when not in use.

D-Ring with Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets allow you to install cargo anchor points in tighter spaces with a smaller surface area.

Weld-On Heavy-Duty D-Ring Mounts

Weldable or lashing rings are crafted from forged steel with a weld-on bracket that allows it to rotate 180 degrees to accommodate many sizes of cargo. Welded rings offer superior strength for heavy loads.

D-Ring Hardware

Just need the D-ring without the mounting hardware? Browse our selection of ring-only options, including a 1" bent ring and a 2" heavy-duty round ring.

Other available hardware includes L-track and E-track fittings, perfect for less permanent anchor points. They easily connect to and release from your pre-installed track, so you can move them exactly where they are needed for each load.

We also carry floor chain tie downs that can be stored under the deck when not in use.

Comprehensive Trailer Tie Down Equipment

Complete your cargo securement system with tie down straps, tarps, wheel nets / straps, transport chain, heavy-duty cargo netting, and more.


Give our sales team a call to learn more about our anchor tie downs. They'll be happy to answer any questions you have, help you place an order, and more!