Crosby® Spectrum 10® Grade 100 Chain

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    • Working Load Limit: 35,300 lbs.
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Crosby® Grade 100 Chain

Crosby® Spectrum 10® chain is made from heat-treated alloy steel for superior strength and durability, making it the perfect choice for most overhead lifting applications. This construction makes it 25% stronger than grade 80 chain

The black rust-preventative coating helps to ensure your chain will last as long as possible, even in demanding environments.

Crosby® Spectrum 10® grade 100 chain meets ASTM A973 and is permanently embossed with CG and 10 to indicate the brand and grade. It's also proof-tested at a minimum of two times the working load limit with certification.

Chain by the Foot

You don't need to buy a whole crate of chain if you don't need it - you can purchase any of our chain by the foot so you get the exact length you need.

Grade 100 Bulk Chain

You can also purchase a full crate of Crosby® grade 100 chain. 

Crosby® Chain Overview

Chain Size

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Feet Per Drum/Crate

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Not sure what chain grade you need? Check out our easy-to-understand chain overview or call to speak to one of our knowledgeable product specialists. 

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