Crosby® G-209 Screw Pin Anchor

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    Crosby® Anchor Shackle - Screw Pin - G-209

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    The Crosby® line of carbon shackles feature versatility and the quality you’ve come to expect.

    Screw pin anchor shackles have a large rounded shape that allows them to take loads from many directions without developing significant side load. That makes them ideal for use with multiple-leg slings, connecting slings to load rings, and accommodating a wider strap. The screw pin configuration is best for use in applications that are temporary, or require repeated and/or quick connections and disconnections.

    Forged- quenched and tempered, with alloy pins. As with every Crosby® group shackle, screw pin shackles have the product identification information and working load limit embossed for quick and easy identification.

    Not sure which Crosby® rigging shackles are right for your application or need a custom order? Call to talk to one of our product experts.
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