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Crosby® G-402 Eye & Eye Swivel

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    Crosby® 1/2" Regular Swivel - G-402
    Standard Lead Time 3-5 days.

    Crosby® G-402 Eye & Eye Swivels are designed to prevent unnecessary twisting and binding of lifting slings and other attachments. Swivels allow otherwise fixed connections to rotate while positioning the load, helping keep the connecting inline and prevent side loads the connection point.

    Attach the swivel to the sling on one end and a fixed connection point on the other. The fixed connection points can be integrated into the machine or as a bolt-on type application such as eyebolts or hoist rings.

    Crosby® G-402 Regular Swivels feature a hot-dip galvanized finished and are Quenched and Tempered for corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability in a variety of field conditions. Swivel connecting links are positioning devices and are not intended to rotate under load.

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