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Crosby® Adjustable 2 Leg
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  • 60 Degree Capacity: 9900 lbs.
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    5/16" - Crosby Adjustable 2 Leg Chain Sling- Grade 100
    30° Capacity
    30° Capacity
    5700 lbs.
    45° Capacity
    45° Capacity
    8100 lbs.
    60° Capacity
    60° Capacity
    9900 lbs.

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    These Crosby 2 leg adjustable chain slings allow operators to quickly adjust the length of the chain legs as needed, without compromising lifting strength and working load limit. Crosby 2 leg adjustable lifting slings can be used at a 60, 45, or 30-degree angle of lift. Chain sling capacity varies by angle of lift and by chain size. See each product above for the various lifting capacities.

    Crosby"s two leg adjustable chain slings feature the Crosby Eliminator, a revolutionary adjustable chain sling fitting that literally eliminates the need for certain components which have traditionally been required.

    Benefits of Crosby Eliminator

    Benefits of the Crosby Eliminator include a hinged design that prevents bending against a curved object and a wider and longer bail. The Eliminator also has a wider bail that accommodates more hook sizes and optional Latch Pin that keeps the shortened chain in position when sling is removed from the crane hook temporarily. You won"t find this style of adjustable sling fitting anywhere except on a Crosby brand adjustable chain sling.

    Crosby has been a leader in the rigging and lifting industry for years and takes no shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing chain and rigging hardware. Crosby chain slings are manufactured right here in the USA and expertly assembled by US Cargo Control.

    End Fitting Options

    Crosby 2 leg chain slings with Eliminator chain shortener are manufactured with your choice of end fitting on the long leg: sling hook, foundry hook, grab hook, or self-locking hook. However, custom chain slings are our specialty, so please give our sales team a call if you require different hardware.

    Sling hook - also known as slip sling hooks, these large throat hooks are commonly used at the ends of chain slings and wire rope. They"re typically self-locking to avoid disconnect.

    Self-locking hook - these hooks are designed to pivot in the middle and lock when lifting pressure is applied. They cannot be opened while lifted with your overhead lifting chains.

    Foundry hook - these are extra-large throat hooks that are used in unique situations that require a larger opening to manage loads.

    Grab hook - these chain sling hooks have a small throat that attaches to the chain by slinging over the chain in-between links.

    Other 2 Leg Adjustable Sling Options

    KWB adjustable chain sling components are manufactured in Europe and expertly assembled into the high-quality adjustable chain slings you see here. KWB Grade 100 chain is easy to spot as it has a a signal violet varnish coat and a heavy powder coating that helps with corrosion resistance.

    KWB adjustable 2 leg chain slings feature a built in shortener attached right to the master link. They have the traditional design and components that many are used to in the rigging industry.

    Proof Testing

    Proof testing has been done on every link of chain to ensure its working load limit. To get your custom chain sling tested at the time of manufacture, it must be requested when the order is placed with our sales specialists. For an additional fee, we will proof test your sling and issue a certificate when requested at the time the order is placed.

    All of our chain meets or exceeds the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), ANSI B30.9 standards and OSHA specifications.

    Looking for a standard sling? See our full selection of standard chain slings.

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