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Closed & Closed Swage Socket Slings
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Closed & Closed Swage Socket Slings

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    1-1/8" Closed and Closed Swage Socket Sling

    WLL 13 ton
    BS 65 ton
    Standard Lead Time 3-5 days.
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    SKU: SWS-CSCS-1-18-5
    A wire rope sling has many applications in lifting and rigging; for example, these slings can be attached to a crane for lifting heavy-duty loads in a controlled way. A socketed wire rope assembly has a socket attached to the end of the wire rope. This type of wire rope assembly is generally used in applications where the assembly is in a more permanent location, such as a structural support.

    A swage socket is a type of socket that is common for use on socket slings. Swage sockets are fitted on to the wire rope using a swager or hydraulic machine. The construction of this assembly makes it more resistant to wire fatigue where the cable and socket come together, which is an advantage.

    There are different types of swage sockets, including open and closed swage sockets. This particular wire rope sling has a closed swage socket on each side of the sling, but we have open swage socket slings available, as well.

    This closed swage socket allows for a pin or bolt to enter the socket, which can be helpful on certain lifting and rigging applications. These swage sockets can be fitted to wire rope with a diameter of ¼ inch to 1-1/2 inches, depending upon your needs. You can also get working load limits from 0.68 to 22.8 tons, depending on the sling.

    We also offer other types of sockets or terminal fittings for your crane slings. You can find spelter socket slings with both open and closed sockets. You can also find other slings like braided wire slings with eyes at each end. Reach out to our sales specialists if you have questions about which type of sling or cable assembly might be right for your next project.
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