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Bolt On D Rings

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    Flush Mount Tie Down D Rings

    WLL 400 lbs.
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    SKU: PF5

    Mounting Ring Flush Mount Zinc Plated 1,200 lb

    WLL 400 lbs.
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    SKU: PF5ZC
    Bolt On D Rings let you add anchor points for chain and straps on your truck trailer, utility trailer, boats, docks, etc. They"re also handy as wall hooks when organizing garages, warehouses, and workshops.

    Our mounting rings come in various sizes, finishes, working load limits, and break strengths. They are designed for durability against pressure and the elements, with some designated for light-duty jobs and others for heavy-duty applications. Each has a bracket with two pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. One style is made of unfinished, forged steel to allow for both bolt or weld attachment.

    Once mounted, these Bolt On Tie Down Rings accept bungee cords, straps, chains, ropes, and other tie downs. Flip-up D-ring folds away when not in use, and accepts most tie down end fittings.

    For more options, check out our weld-on D-rings and Tie Down D Rings.
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