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Quality tent stakes are a must for keeping a tent upright and taut. They're sometimes called tent spikes, tent pins (a term used by the US military), and tent pegs (a term used by the English), but they're all the same name for essentially the same type of product. We're proud to offer durable stakes made in the USA. Three sizes and a range of colors are available, as well as a military-approved 12" tent spike. Custom colors are also available for large volume orders.

Ball bungees are also an excellent way to quickly secure tent flaps, canopy tops, tarps, etc., as the stretchy bungee cord design lessens the stress at the tie down point. Questions? Call our professional sales team. They'll be happy to help find what you need. A tent spike may seem like a simple object, but different fabrications and sizes of tent stakes work for different conditions.

Our tent stakes are hot forged from high quality steel for a great all-around quality spike for many conditions. The hardening (heat treating) process of the steel creates the strength and durability to allow it to be driven into pavement, frozen ground and other hard surfaces. Three length sizes: 12", 18", and 24" offer a range for many sizes of tents and uses, for both home and commercial tent stake uses, including for pop up and camping tents, wedding tents, party and event tents, solar shades, light maintenance enclosure (LME) tents, Tent Extendable Modular Personnel (TEMPER) tents and inflatables. Our 18" tent peg size is often purchased for use as a kite anchor as well.

Color can be important when choosing a tent stake, and US Cargo Control carries five standard colors: red, black, white, orange and yellow, as well as custom colors available for large orders. Call our one of our sales professionals for information on qualifying orders for custom colors.

Each color has some keys benefits:

  • Red: a good color for visibility to lessen the chances of tripping over a spike.

  • Yellow: like red, yellow is also a great color for visibility. Choose either of these standout colors if you'll be using the stakes in taller grass or weeds, or if you expect a lot of foot traffic in the area.

  • White: Special event white tents like those for weddings and parties look best with matching tent stakes in white.

  • Orange: another high visibility color, orange tent stakes are also a great choice for hunters.

  • Black: an all-around good choice to match nearly any color tent or inflatable you will be using it for.

  • An additional option is our clear zinc-plated stakes. The non-color makes it a versatile option for nearly any use, and the zinc plating adds an additional measure of protection against corrosion.

Another tip if you expect heavy foot traffic: pick up some mushroom-shaped plastic caps at your local hardware store. Even colored stakes can be difficult to see in early evening and night time conditions. Protecting pedestrians from injuring a foot by accidently stepping on a tent spike is worth the time and cost of purchasing plastic caps.

Manufactured to last a lifetime, tent stakes from US Cargo Control are a quality choice. Be sure to buy a few more than you intend to use so you'll always have extras on hand if one goes missing or is misplaced. Buying a few in different sizes is also a good idea. All of our tent stakes are 5/8" in diameter and hot forged from quality steel for strength and durability.

Because every manufacturer's tents and inflatables anchor differently, we suggest you use their recommendations concerning size and number of metal tent pegs you'll need. You'll also want to take into consideration how much wind load you may experience during use, as this can also affect the number of tent stakes needed to safely anchor an item.

If you have any questions about our commercial tent stakes, straps or any other item, call our professional sales team. Our representatives will be happy to help.