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Snap Shackles - SS

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    Rope Sheet Snap Shackle Type 316 Stainless Steel

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    Snap shackles are a type of shackle that features a spring-loaded pin that must be pulled to engage the opening. Because the pin design is captive- meaning it"s built into the shackle- it can"t be dropped and lost. This is an essential design element of rigging equipment, particularly marine equipment, since it eliminates the risk of dropping the pin into the water.

    Precision cast type 316 stainless steel is also an essential benefit of marine snap shackles, as the added molybdenum makes the metal more rust- and corrosion-resistant than regular type 304 stainless steel.

    We offer four types of Type 316 snap shackles: swivel, eye, swivel jaw, fixed, and rope. Other styles are available, please call us if you don"t see what you need: . Our sales team is always happy to help.

    Please note: The Work Load Limit (WLL) listed is the minimum limit, actual WLL may be higher. Actual appearance of product may vary from photo.

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