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Pewag Security Chain

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    Pewag 3/8" Square Hardened Security Chain
    Standard Lead Time 1-2 days.


    Viro Panzer Lock For 3/8" Security Chain


    3/8" Pewag Security Chain Kit w/ Viro Lock
    Standard Lead Time 1-2 days.

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    We carry Pewag Security Chains that are considered to be one of the toughest security chains out there. By being the toughest chain, we mean the Pewag chain is the hardest chain to cut with bolt cutters or standard tools. This is because the 9/32” and 3/8” hardened security chains are hardened to 63 HRC 10% deep, while the 1/2” hardened security chain is hardened to 63 HRC 6% deep. To put into perspective of how hard this type of steel is, a case-hardened chain with a hardness of 56 and above is considered a good rating. Also, the Pewag hardened square link chain are squared because it will not allow bolt cutters to cut through it.

    This is very beneficial and recommended for people who do not want their valuables to be stolen or damaged. The Pewag square security chain is common to use for boats, bikes, trailers, gates, and many other options. It is not limited, and you can use this to what you feel like you need to protect from thieves or provide security.


    The Pewag’s cut resistant chain can also be used for industrial applications like lifting heavy equipment and to use for tire protection/tire traction control. Another item that is recommended to use with the Pewag hardened security chain is the Viro padlock, also known as viro locks or the viro padlock. This helps locks the security chain for maximum security. The locks we carry are the Viro Panzer Lock for the 9/32” Security Chain, Viro Panzer Lock for 3/8” Security Chain, and Viro Monolith Lock for 1/2” security chain. The heavy duty chain lock works specifically with the heavy duty security chain, and comes with an unique design that does not allow any tools to cut or open the lock. These locks also come with Viro top security profile nickel-plated brass keys for only you to unlock.

    You can purchase the chain by the foot or the lock separately, but if you would like the complete setup, then consider viewing our security chain packages that include high quality viro locks. Check out the 9/32” x 2’ Pewag Security Chain Kit, 3/8” x 6’ Security Chain Kit, and 1/2” x 2’ Pewag Security Chain Kit. The differences among all three kits are the 9/32” Security Chain Kit is designed for securing smaller items like bikes and mopeds, and the 3/8” x 6’ Pewag Security Chain Kit and 1/2” x 2’ Pewag Security Chain Kit are used to protect more industrial items and facilities. Keep in mind that the 1/2” x 2’ Chain Kit is the largest size Pewag produces and is designed to protect large valuable items and facilities.

    If you lose your keys or need to duplicate them, then make sure to keep the included card that comes with the key code! For additional information on the Pewag security chains and the locks, contact our sales team for more information.

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