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L-Track Rails for Cargo

Standard L-track tie down rails are one of our most popular products, due to their endless versatility. With a variety of rail lengths and spring-loaded fittings, it's easy to instantly create a custom cargo track tie down system to meet your needs.

l-track truck tie down rails

After you've installed L-track cargo rails in your pickup truck, utility trailer, or van, the tie-down points are easily adjusted to suit the specific vehicle or cargo you are transporting.

All of our L-track is manufactured with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Uses for L-Track Tie Downs

Installed in a truck bed, it's a safe and secure way to haul a dirt bike; add rails to a utility trailer to haul a garden tractor or ATV; secure L-track inside an enclosed trailer and you can quickly configure straps to tie down just about anything you want to transport.

Please note: our L-track is designed for recreational and cargo control use; it is not certified for official wheelchair restraint use in buses, vans, and other transport vehicles.

L-Track Finishes

Our standard L-track is available in several finishes, including unpainted and powder-coated.

While the unfinished cargo tie down rails have a classic appearance, powder-coating offers some protective benefits such as resistance to abrasions such as scratches and scuffs. It also offers a clean, finished look that makes it easy to coordinate with straps or company colors and logos.

While only the black powder-coat is available for purchase on the web, buying a different color is easy - just call to speak to one of our product experts. The available colors are visible under the Color filter on this page.

L-Track Fittings

One of the things that makes L-track tie down rails so versatile is the wide range of fittings and accessories that go with it. Most fittings are designed to be placed at any point along the track to create an instant and secure tie-down point. And when not in use, track filler strips are great for filling in the track to keep dirt, sand, etc. out.

Check out our entire selection of fittings and other add-on components to find the perfect fit for your application.

Additional Types of L-Track

If standard L-track isn't exactly what you were looking for, check out our other L-track styles:

Aircraft Style L-Track

Aircraft-style L-track is similar to the standard L-track but is made from a stronger, high-quality grade 6351 for heavy-duty applications.


Angled L-Track

Angled L-track features sloped edges, making it easier to roll wheeled items over the L-track tie down rail. It's designed for surface-mounted applications.


Recessed L-Track

Recessed L-track is used for flush-mount installations and also allows for wheeled items to be easily moved over it.



Not sure exactly what kind of L-track adjustable tie down rail you need? Call to speak to one of our product specialists for answers to any questions or help placing an order.

Complete your cargo securement system with L-track strapsE-track, or motorcycle tie down systems (including motorcycle straps). We can even make custom straps for specialized applications.