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    2" Ratchet Strap w/ Vinyl Coated S-Hook

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    2" Ratchet Strap w/ Vinyl Coated S-Hook & Flat Snap Hook
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    1" Ratchet Strap with S-Hook

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    SKU: 2615SH

    One of the things that makes L-Track so versatile is the wide range of accessories that work with it. We carry a large selection of L-Track Straps that are specifically designed to easily connect to logistic tie-down track rails and L-Track fittings.

    L-Track tie-down straps come in many different end fittings types and attach either directly to L-Track rails with stud fittings or to other L-Track fittings with a snap hook, S-Hook, or wire hook end fitting. Also known as logistic straps, L track straps are commonly used for tying down recreational vehicles on a small trailer or in the back up of a pickup truck. The low-profile nature of truck bed tie-down rails makes securing motorcycles, dirt bikes, golf carts, ATVs, or other recreational vehicles quick and easy, without taking up a lot of space on the trailer or in the bed of a pickup.

    You can also use logistic straps with E-Track in many cases. Some of our L-Track straps, such as the E-Track Ratchet Strap with Spring E Fittings & Double Stud fittings comes equipped with fittings you can use in either L-Track or E-Track system setups.

    What is L-Track?

    L-Track, also known as Logistic Track or Airline Track is a versatile tie-down system used to secure a range of cargo. Install L-Track Tie-Down Track in your pickup truck, utility trailer, or van to create versatile and secure tie-down points that are easily adjusted to suit the specific vehicle or cargo you are transporting. Installed in a truck bed, it's a safe and secure way to haul a dirt bike; add rails to a utility trailer to haul a garden tractor or ATV; secure L track inside an enclosed trailer and you can quickly configure straps to tie down just about any kind of cargo. Check out our L-Track Systems page for even more information on L-Track and our full product selection.

    L-Track Fittings and Accessories

    There many different types of stud fittings and accessories to help make the most out of your L-Track system and L-Track Straps. Most fittings are designed to be placed at any point along the track to create an instant and secure tie-down point. You can choose from a selection of single stud fittings and double stud fittings, each with a variety of attachments, such as round rings, d-rings, delta links, bolt threads, and more. Other accessories such as our flanged end cap and track filler strip make it easy to create a more finished look and even surface installation in your truck or trailer.

    Motorcycle Tie-Down Systems

    In addition to a large selection of L-Track straps, we also carry a wide range of motorcycle tie-down straps and anchor points. We even put together some pre-configured motorcycle kits to make your shopping even easier. If you are looking for more tie-down options for your motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, or other recreational vehicles, then be sure to check out our Motorcycle Tie-Down Systems page.

    Need help deciding which type of L-Track strap is best for your application? Contact our team of product specialists today with any product questions or for help to place an order. We can do custom straps, too! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work together to get you the products you need.