Domestic Wire Rope Sling

Our domestic wire rope slings are manufactured in the US with Crosby® hardware for a quality Made in the USA lifting sling you can depend on.

We also offer a large variety of imported wire rope slings for those needing a more cost-efficient sling or a wider range of in-stock choices. As with all of our wire slings, custom options are always available, so give our sales team a call if there are domestic wire slings you need that aren't shown here.

Our categories of USA wire rope slings are grouped by number of legs (single, double, triple, quad) and then by diameter of the wire rope. We also offer sliding choker domestic cable slings, as well as braided sling options.

Domestic steel slings are available in two main configurations, 6x19 and 6x36, depending on the diameter of the wire rope. The numbers represent the number of wires making up the strand and the number of strands wrapped around the core. For example, a 6x19 indicates that there are 19 wires making up a strand, and 6 strands are wrapped around the core.

When choosing domestic cable slings, keep in mind that a smaller number of large outer wires will offer excellent resistance to general wear and corrosion; whereas a larger number of small wires will provide better flexibility and resistance to fatigue.

Our domestic wire rope slings are manufactured in a bright (unfinished) wire rope, but other options are available by request. Additional sling types such domestic cable laid slings are also available by calling our sales team to order.

The core of the wire rope used in cable slings can be made of several different materials, including steel or natural fibers. Our domestic wire rope slings are made with Extra Improved Plowed Steel (EIPS) around an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) for the ultimate in strength and durability.

All of our made in the USA wire rope slings are manufactured with a flemish splice to create the eye loops. A flemish splice is a mechanical splice where the wire rope is separated into two parts (one part has three strands, the other part has the remaining three strands plus the core), then re-laid back in the opposite direction to form an open loop (“eye”). The ends are then secured with a carbon steel sleeve around the entire area. Flemish splices offer the most efficient use of capacity.

For more information on types and configurations of wire rope, see our category of wire rope.

Single Leg Wire Rope Slings
Single leg steel wire slings are comprised of a single length of wire rope fitted with components on each end. Popular variations include an eye & eye sling, eye & hook sling, thimble & thimble sling, and eye & thimble sling. The loop eyes on our domestic single leg wire ropes slings are formed using a Flemish eye splice, secured by a carbon steel sleeve for superior strength and resistance to wear.

2 Leg Wire Rope Slings
Also known as a 2 leg bridle sling, this lift sling offers more versatility than a sling leg sling, as well as increased load balance. Ours are manufactured with a Flemish eye spliced with a carbon steel sleeve, with fitting options ranging from a latched eye hook to a simple eye design. Our 2 leg wire rope slings are available in several different diameters of rope.

3 Leg Wire Rope Slings
Our 3 leg wire rope slings are also commonly called a 3 leg bridle sling due to the multiple leg design. Features a flemish eye that’s spliced with a carbon steel sleeve for the ultimate in safety and strength. End options include latched eye hooks, eyes equipped with thimbles, and more, as customized options are always available. Our 3 leg wire rope slings are available in several different diameters of rope.

4 Leg Wire Rope Slings
A 4 leg bridle sling offers the ultimate in load balance due to the four separate legs to attach directly to the load. Also known in the industry as wire rope 4 leg bridle slings, ours feature a Flemish eye (spliced with carbon steel sleeve) to extend the working life of the sling. Each leg can be fitted with hardware of your choosing, from simple eye loops to heavy duty hooks, for a customized lifting sling. Our 4 leg wire rope slings are also available in a wide variety of rope diameters.

Sliding Choker Wire Rope Slings
A sliding choker sling features a hook between the two eyes that slides from one end to the other for easy hook-up. Sliding choker slings are manufactured with a regular eye on one end and a thimbled eye on the end of the sling that loops back to attach to the sliding hook. This design helps to prevent wear and abrasions on the sling eye by protecting the steel cable rope from rubbing on the hook. Our sliding sling choker style is also available with a latched choker hook by special order.

Braided Slings
Braided wire rope slings are excellent for heavy duty, high capacity lifts, because the braided design of the wire ropes offers superior strength. A braided configuration has a higher resistant to kinking than a traditional wire rope sling, and it can also conform more tightly to a load in a choker hitch, for better balance and stability during a lift.

Our braided steel cable slings are available in a variety of configurations, including a 3-part braid, 6-part braid, 8-part braid, and 9-part braid. Braids can also be flat or round. Several style options are also available, including standard eyes, thimble eyes, and more, to create a customized braided wire rope sling to your specifications.

Braided slings are available for order by calling our sales team .

Anchor Shackles
Along with a range of steel wire lifting slings, we also carry related components including anchor shackles.

An anchor shackle is particularly useful with eye and thimble wire rope slings and thimble and thimble wire rope slings. For more options in components, see our entire group of rigging supplies and rigging hardware , which includes wire rope thimbles, wire rope clips, and rigging hooks.

How to Calculate the Length of a Wire Rope Sling
Wire rope bridles are measured by the length of the sling leg only. The length of the oblong master and eye hooks should not be included in the overall measurement.Our slings are available in a variety of lengths, but can also be customized to any length you need. Give our sales team a call for more information or to place a custom order.

Sling Proof Testing Certificates
All of our steel wire rope slings are inspected, certified and tagged with metal tags displaying rated capacities by hitch types and angles; diameter or size; and name/trademark of the manufacturer. Proof testing certificates can be supplied with your order for a nominal fee and must be requested at the time of order. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull tested to 2x the vertical rating and officially recorded as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance; in order to provide proof testing certificates with your order, every sling must be pull tested at the time of manufacture.

Other Types of Lifting Slings
If wire rope lifting slings are not the best choice for your job, we also offer chain slings, nylon lifting slings, and polyester round slings in a wide range of styles and capacities. As with all of our lifting slings, customization is always an option.

If you need help selecting a sling, check out our How to Choose a Lifting Sling page or call our product specialists . They’ll be happy to any answer questions you may have and can even place a custom order if needed.